Artisan Spirit Merchants (ASM) has awarded its business to full service agency Noisy Beast.  Effective immediately, Noisy Beast will now manage ASM’s creative, media, social and event needs for brands Vodka O, Tequila Blu, Spicebox Canadian Whisky and Moss Creek Moonshine.

ASM’s Vodka O was conceived in grassroots fashion in 2003, and sold out of an old mechanic’s garage in Sydney. Since then Vodka O had grown to be the 3rd best-selling vodka in Australia and the #1 Australian made and owned. ASM are looking to expand Vodka O’s growth by aiming to be the first choice for all vodka occasions for their target market and have partnered with Noisy Beast to achieve this. Work for other brands, Tequila Blu, Moss Creek Moonshine and Spicebox will follow in the coming months.

Says Nick Mann, general manager of ASM said “We were incredibly impressed with the fully integrated approach of the Noisy Beast team, their strategic and creative thinking, and particularly, their ability to get the job done.”

Says Adam Hilton, managing director of Noisy Beast: “We’re delighted to be working with the passionate ASM team, and we’re really looking forward to helping them fulfill the enormous ambitions for their brands.”

Noisy Beast is a full-service communications agency representing a growing list of over 20 clients including Swisse Wellness, Swann Insurance, Infiniti Cars Australia and PGT.

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