Simonds Homes has appointed Noisy Beast as its creative and media agency.

Says Matthew Chun, Simonds Group CEO and managing director: “We are looking forward to building a long term relationship with the team at Noisy Beast and are excited to see where this partnership will take the Simonds brand.”

Says Adam Hilton, managing director, Noisy Beast: “We are delighted to be working with the passionate team at Simonds Homes a business that hasbeen building quality homes for Australian families for more than 65 years.”

Simonds and Noisy Beast have begun their relationship by recently launching the ‘Great Australian Dirt’ campaign. In partnership with select land developers, the campaign is designed to simplify the purchasing process for buyers by offering a Simonds Homes on exclusive lots in the best estates. The high impact media buy includes the Seven Network, NOVA, SCA and ATN across various markets.

Says Justin Nagorcka, creative director, Noisy Beast: “The Great Australian Dirt campaign appealed to us from the very start as it is clear, visual andhighly memorable across all media channels.”

Says Michelle Nichols, national marketing manager, Simonds: “The initial reaction to the campaign by our land developers and customers has been very positive, we look forward to building on that with Noisy Beast.”

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