Biostime Global Launch

The world of infant nutrition is complex and ever-changing, which can make it difficult for parents to make decisions with confidence. To launch the Biostime range of products, we honed in on their unique positioning: Only Biostime combines the power of science with the power of nature in order to give the next generation the best possible start.

We partnered with entrepreneur and future-focused mother-of-two Miranda Kerr to reach an audience that spanned across 7 countries.


During the expansion of the brand into different global markets, Noisy Beast constructed a UX lead site that navigated consumers through the unique benefits of Biostime outlining why it’s the global leader in digestive health.


Ambassador Miranda Kerr was seen on the streets of metropolitan Australia with Tram wraps and a heavy Metro Outdoor placement.


A heavy flight of Outdoor – Supersites, Metrolites, Shopperlites, both static and animated were seen throughout all major cities in Australia, Hong Kong and China.

RESULTS… and today, Biostime is the No. 1 brand of pediatric probiotic supplements in the world.