Swisse Kieran Reads Bedtimes Stories

Swisse is known for supporting New Zealand every day. But when they asked us to boost their market share, we partnered with All-Black captain Kieren Read to help support this rugby-mad nation at night too.

We created the Kieren Reads Bedtime Stories podcast. To help children get excited about going to bed and giving parents a night of uninterrupted rugby, episodes were released when the All-Blacks played night matches.

The Campaign Continues

While the podcast reached No. 1 on the iTunes charts in New Zealand, the best results were the 72% increase in brand love, and 332% increase in product sales.

We engaged our rugby parents (and even future ones . . . )

Parents shared their commentary love for the App – one guy even expressed that he wanted to get his wife pregnant, just so he could utilise this piece of genius!