Swisse Brand Relaunch

In 2019, we were briefed to separate Swisse from the pack of competitors in the cluttered VMS category and cement the brand’s position as the only premium option.

In response, we relaunched the brand worldwide with a campaign that goes back to where it all began: Swisse founder Kevin Rigg’s unrelenting quest for the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

The Campaign Continues

Swisse Ambassador Chris Hemsworth launched the Ultibiotics campaign along with Swisse Men’s Ultivites.
Actress Elsa Pataky joined to help launch Swisse Hair Skin Nails liquid, along with Swisse Women’s Ultivites.

Kevin Ring kept a diary, which we recreated to feature key locations which Swisse source natural ingredients from, including fish oil from Peru, Manuka honey from New Zealand, Globe artichokes from Spain, cranberries from the USA and blood oranges from Sicily.

50 years on, we followed Nicole Kidman to Sicily’s Mount Etna, an active volcano, where she learned more about where Swisse source their ingredients.

Social Teaser Campaign

The launch film was supported by a teaser campaign on social channels. This was followed by rich ingredient stories that took us to the source and told us why these premium ingredients are so beneficial for your health.

An always-on strategy kept us engaged in the campaign and built participation across many touchpoints.

Win the Adventure

Through a shopper promotion, we gave people a chance to follow in Kevin Ring’s footsteps by winning an adventure to the very locations Swisse source their natural ingredients.

The Quest Continues shopper promotion came complete with POS in every shape and size, along with support from social channels, helping it become the most successful shopper promotion from Swisse to date.