Orchestra Victoria came to us wanting to create a content campaign for social media. Together we unearthed an insight that lead us to the idea. They are, Victoria’s hidden Orchestra. We don’t see them in live performances, as the are hidden in the pit, front of stage. We only hear their brilliance set to the visual spacial of theatre and dance. Because we don’t see the Orchestra, it’s easy to not fully appreciate them in this sensory experience.

In this idea we literally bring them out of the shadows and reveal them as Victoria’s hidden Orchestra. We invited their musicians into our studio to capture moody silhouettes and portraits revealing sections of their face coming into the light. This was a rich and dramatic series to help promote their artistic brilliance.

OR0002 OV 497 V1 scaled 1
OR0002 OV 889 V1 scaled 1
OR0002 OV 244 V1 scaled 1
OR0002 OV 912 V1 scaled 1
the hidden orchestra2
the hidden orchestra3
the hidden orchestra4
the hidden orchestra1
the hidden orchestra5
the hidden orchestra6