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Biostime has been one of the leading names in toddler nutrition for more than 20 years. However, as a primarily European brand there was relatively low awareness in the key Chinese and emerging Australian markets.

This problem was further compounded by the fact that Biostime operates in a heavily regulated market globally, severely limiting what can be said. As a consequence, all of the competitors tend to look and sound the same.

Our strategy was to talk to parents’ hopes and dreams for their children and show how the right nutritional start to life can set them up for success.

With media that originally leaned heavily on out of home and digital, we created a campaign of striking visuals that would work as both stills and simple animations. It was planned to be launched with a full 360-degree marketing plan including events and PR, however, due to the change in the landscape we re-focused on a digital-first approach. This was designed to drive campaign sentiment and messaging, raise awareness and education and actively drive sales.

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