Welcome to Noisy Beast

When COVID-19 sent many Australians into enforced hibernation it left many people feeling tired, stressed out and overwhelmed. And being confined to home, many of us let our previously healthy habits slip, and lacking motivation, unhealthy habits started to take hold.

It was clear that, not only did people need a kickstart to help them reclaim their health, they needed a laugh too. That’s why we created the Swisse Creatures of Isolation bundles – four packs designed to help people leave their unhealthy habits behind.

Each bundle was designed to be a humorous take on a different unhealthy persona that people may have taken on during isolation. Using bright and colourfully illustrated characters by artist BROLGA, and a tongue-in-cheek tone, these packs gave consumers a welcome smile during an otherwise tough time.

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SwisseBundles Creatures2 b half 1
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